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Going deals on Louis Vuitton Handbags to disabled vets Louis Vuitton Handbagshttp://www.furrst.com/ Yet according to the dvnF's tax Filings with the irs, almost none oF that money has wound up in the hands oF american veterans.Instead, the charity made signiFicant payments to quadriga art llc, which owns two directmail Fundraising companies hired by the dvnF to help garner donations, according to publicly available irs 990 Forms.Those Forms show the charity paid quadriga and its subsidiary, brickmill marketing services, nearly $61 million From 2008 until 2010, which was the last year public records were available.The independent group charitywatch gave the dvnF an"F"Grade. More than 30 veterans charities were rated by the independent group by the amount they spend on Fundraising compared to actual donations, and twothirds were given either a D or FGrade, according great deals to CharityWatch president Daniel BorochoFF. "Up to $2 billion is raised in the name of veterans in this country and it's so sad that a great deal of it's wasted,"Borochoff said. "Hundreds of millions of dollars of our charitable dollars intended to help veterans is being squandered and wasted by opportunists and by individuals and companies who see it as a profitmaking opportunity. "On its website, the dvnf posted a"News bulletin"Announcing that the charity had sent Badly needed goods"By the truckload"To veterans centers in birmingham, alabama, in the wake of last year's devastating tornados.Dvnf specifically cited a small veterans charity called st.Benedict's.But the charity's executive director said most of the donations from dvnf could hardly be Louis Vuitton Men classified as"Badly needed. "