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Monday's garden update I am sitting here at my computer positively buzzing after taking in so much beauty this weekend.Last weekend i blogged about my time at gwynne vaughn's annual plant sale and to continue with my gardening monday tiffany: themes i've decided to post some of what i did this weekend. For the past several years my mom and i have gone to the ryder lake ramble together.Basically, it's 10-15 homes in the Ryder Lake area who open their properties up for the public to wander.Each home/garden is completely different.Some are acres of manicured beds and waterfalls, others are english country home inspired.Some are very eclectic while others are very calculated.All, though, take a tremendous amount of work, creativity and vision.It's an absolute pleasure to walk through these beautiful gardens. It's $5 each or $15 for a car load.At the hall you can pick up a delicious lunch for a couple of bucks and there are also lots of perennials and annuals to purchase if you'd like.Some of the stops have things for sale, like cut flowers, home made soap, art, etc., but it's not necessary to buy if you are just there to look. This year my mom's sister came to visit and she came with us on our journey.This was the first year that i didn't have my son with me so it was a treat to be able to go at our own pace and take it all in.I also brought along my camera body and 60mm f2.8 micro lens.My back has been bothering me and gear is heavy so i didn't want to bring along all of my lenses.Part Tiffany Earrings Sale OK way through the day i wished that i had brought a wider lens, but i'm still happy with the micro pics that i got throughout the day. As an update on my personal garden, nothing too much has changed this week.Some things have moved around to make room for everything else that still needs to fit in there, but nothing too exciting.The radishes are, of course, doing well(They are the easiest thing in the entire world to grow and are so fast!It's so satisfying having something in the garden ready to eat so quickly! ).There is one very exciting thing that happened this week, but you'll see it at the end of the post. Our first stop was the siberian orchard farm.We've gone there a few years in a row now it's it's for sure one of our favourites. Oh, ok.In case tiffany: you missed the facebook status update this week, here's one more thing that's going on.I put a squash into the compost.Then, i put the compost into the garden.Now, i have a million baby squash plants.Ok, not a million, but pretty darn close.Every time i look at the garden there is another huge patch.I've already found homes for over 50, but there are at least another 40 that i found today.If you would like a squash plant, or 20:P, please contact me asap.They need to come out soon. And one last thing.In case you missed thePost last week about my lady bugs(Ahem.I mean love bugs)You can check them out here.They arePretty cute! :P