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Get ready great deals for zero waste market challenge The earth matters zero waste project and the ecosociety are excited to be collaborating on a project that will great deals on Handbags offer wednesday market participants the challenge of going waste free. The zero waste market challenge will be running at the wednesday markets on baker street for the month of august. Bring your own everything to the market(Reusable bag, mug, cutlery, container etc. ).Use your reusable Louis Vuitton Shoes anything for your purchases.Participating vendors will be encouraging customers each week, and providing tokens for the grand raffle. There will be weekly trivia questions, and many opportunities for great prizes.Bags made from reclaimed tent material are available for purchase from the zero waste project for $2$5.Local vendors will be selling exciting options for bags as well! Earth matters is a program of nelson cares society.The zero waste youth project has been running as a project of earth matters since fall 2012. Using tents left behind at festivals as a medium, they have been sharing the message of waste education with nelson youth and the surrounding community. Over the year, the tents have transformed into reclaimed products such as produce and shopping bags and are for sale as a reminder Where Do You Get Louis Vuitton bags to save a plastic bag and reduce our waste!