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Friends of fashionista who committed suicide reportedly say she was unstable The fashionista who jumped to her death from the george washington bridge felt under siege by five frenemies she barred from her funeral via suicide note including one who told her to overdose, the post has learned. "Go try to kill yourself on xanax again, you unstable loser.Go fk yourself and never speak to me again,"Alison tinari wrote in a facebook exchange Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags with troubled ashley riggitano, who killed herself wednesday, her 22nd birthday. The blond beauty left behind a multipage, handwritten note in a louis vuitton bag that excluded great deals on Handbags tinari and four other women from the funeral because of their contentious relationships through the years. A source identified the others as teresa castaldo, beth bassil, victoria van thunen and Louis Vuitton Men samantha horneff. Van thunen was riggitano's business partner at missfits, a jewelrydesign business.Castaldo and bassil were classmates at midtown's laboratory institute of merchandising, and horneff was a friend from new jersey.