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It's disappointing to call me second lead in krrish 3 It's disappointing to call me second lead in krrish 3 Kangna discuss movie industry with sonil dedhia, and tells us why she was hesitant of signing krrish 3, the difficulties she faced, and why she doesn like being the second lead. You play a inside of film.Did you think that may low price be risky when you read the script? I wasn really cautious.It was an exilerating role.Initially, my dates didn't match.Then the schedule changed and just that do dedh ishqiya and chose this. It isn't that i was shying away from doing this role.I have always done grey shades that usually heroines would avoid doing. Click next to find out more. We learnt that you were unhappy with the script primarily because you were concerned about the duration of your role as opposed to priyanka chopra was concerned about it keeping the experience of kites in mind.In this film, the outcome was different then the script narrated to me.But that was unique director and distinctive film. Rakesh roshan, the movie representative of krrish 3, said he was not part of kites and he was hardly needed for it.But krrish 3 is his film and he falls short of a reason to do the same. I was convinced that he's a man of his word, and he pandora charms: did so what he had promised me. You look very like the jennifer aniston of tomb raider or anne hathway as the catwoman in batman is very flattering.We all saw dark night rises and we were amazed that the type of anne hathway is so much like my character. But it is fact that dark night rises came out in 2012, while we had started performing on this film in 2011.So we had no clue over it. The characteristics are sheer coincidence.It good in a way as somewhere we are usually planning in the same zone. But it wouldn be a coincidence in case of resemblances with x men haven seen x men.We must wait for an film and then decide and talk about it. To be able to me, situation continues from koi.Million gaya, on to assist you krrish to successfully krrish 3.I don think x men has the storyplot of jadoo from koi.Mil gaya and hence nothing at all is to worry about. How did you go about fixing your character?Did you seek desire from anywhere? My commitment came from the script.I rarely see(Showmanship)Flicks like x men.The mutant design is not like them;She is appealing, fierce but she is also a kid who is human and not fully animal. The script was my guide and i tried it. Were you associated that you were playing second lead to priyanka chopra? It sounds very frustrating to call me a second lead.It makes me feel that i do nothing good to deserve something good in life. She is not a run-Of-The-Mill girl;She is a mutant and is an essential part of the film.This is never a two heroine film.We are really not both fighting for the boy. But we do see you romancing hrithik in the promos is various Pandora 2014 kind of love story and it is tricky.I am glad that many people came up with such songs.Practically no other way of promoting films in india than having a song, so you show a mutant and a superhero romance additional.