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Dropping their clothes for cash Calgary canada's female biathletes took off their clothes to Cheap Prom Dresses be photographed for a calendar to raise both money for their sport and admiration for an athletic woman's body. The women had printed the words 'power', 'aim', 'bold' and 'focus' down their bare legs.They skied boldly through the noon lunch crowd handing out cards promoting their calendar, which is themed bold beautiful biathlon. "We're not used to taking our clothes off.We're used to keeping our lycra on, but it was a great teambuilding experience and there was a lot of nervous excitement about it,"Kocher said.The biathletes aren't the first athletes to pose nude for calendars to raise money for their sport or charitable organizations. Beckie scott, an olympic gold medallist in crosscountry skiing, and teammate sara renner produced a similar calendar in 2001 and support the biathletes' decision to do it. Australia "As the mother of a daughter, i would be proud to see pictures of these role models on my child's wall as opposed to a syntheticallyenhanced hollywood star,"Renner said. The canadian women's rugby team has produced a 24month calendar of players posing nude with rugby balls and canadian flags placed strategically on their bodies. An international curling calendar, including canadians christine keshan and chrissy cadorin, was released in september. The biathletes were photographed in poses demonstrating balance or strength, and in shooting positions. Crawford is the younger sister of chandra crawford, an olympic gold medallist in crosscountry skiing. "I was pretty nervous at first,"Said crawford. "It's more than just raising money.We're doing this Sheath Wedding Dresses to promote a healthy lifestyle throughout canada and showing beautiful athletic bodies while doing it.