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For displaced children of west Mckinney resident jodi bryan is a team of one, but her work has impacted dozens of young lives affected by the recent tragedy in west, texas. Bryan traveled to west last friday bearing gifts for children who had been displaced in the town by the devastating fertilizer plant explosion that occurred april 17 and left 14 people dead and roughly 200 more injured. The blast also damaged and destroyed numerous homes and structures, including the town's intermediate and high schools.About 1, 500 students went back to school on monday in makeshift classrooms or at a neighboring school district. Bryan's trip to west was her first mission under her nonprofit, aptly named providing a needed disaster aid for kids, or panda4kids.The solo journey to deliver her"Panda bags"Is something bryan said she would never forget. "It was heartbreaking as well as uplifting at the same time because there were so many donations, box after box after box, and so many volunteers going through and categorizing them,"Said bryan, the organization's founder and director. "We don't have a lot of funding because we're going totally off donations and our service area is still very small.West isn't in our service area, but i couldn't not go. " Panda4kids is an organization that provides social and emotional aid to children at declared disaster sites.The http://www.on-now.com/louis-vuitton-mens/bags.html organization's"Panda bags"It gives to children are filled with items from crayons and markers to puzzles and books to help ease the psychological impact a disaster and displacement can have. "Our bags provide a basis for children to keep occupied, to use as therapy, and to maintain what is familiar www.on-now.com and normal to them throughout their displacement,"Bryan said. "Shelter, of course, is the main priority for children after a disaster, but once that has been established, children need to be engaged, comforted, supported, etc.Our organization provides the tools to assist parents in doing just that. " Bryan's vision started when she was volunteering at a shelter the american red cross opened for individuals whose power had gone out during an ice storm in Louis Vuitton Luggage Bags 2007 in oklahoma.While the shelter had plenty in terms of necessities, bryan said she was astounded at how little there was to keep the children in there occupied. "They were given a cot, a blanket and a pillow, and were able watch a little tv,"She said. "Being a teacher at the time, the fact that these children weren't being provided for in their time of need was very unsettling for me. Louis Vuitton Handbagshttp://www.on-now.com/ " After bryan went home and packed a storage tote full of coloring books, stuffed animals and other playthings to share with the children at the shelter, she realized the true need for this when it comes to disaster relief. With all funds panda4kids had collected so far, bryan created 100 panda bags for the children of west that included items such as playdoh, jump ropes, activity books and journals, the latter being an important tool for helping children overcome their fears and anxieties. While the trip to west wiped out bryan's supplies, she said she is working hard to get ready for the next potential disaster, adding that she was very thankful to be able to provide a unique service in the aftermath of such a hardhitting disaster.Bryan said she hopes to include future bags with comfort items, such as blankets and stuffed animals. "My heart strings were pulled in deciding to go to west even though it was out of our service area,"She said. "Having a limited area of where our bags could be of help is going to be tough for me.The more donations we receive, equals the more bags we can make, which results to a wider area we can service. ".