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Finally made it to ac race course As the rain showed no signs of relenting, some fans retreated to the protected area of the grandstand to keep dry.The track closedcircuit television aired the concert as people jockeyed for position to get a better view.It was an early version of mtv, minus the commercials. Show became secondary, Louis Vuitton Bags Outlet scanlon noted. Augmented by bassist tim drummond, drummer russ kunkel and percussionist joe lala, csny gamely played on.Ships seemed apropos for the rainsoaked conditions.Other highlights included young be denied and david crosby and graham nash man.Wearing a philadelphia flyers jersey, stephen stills drew a warm reception from the fans for his acknowledgment of the team stanley cup triumph three months earlier.One song not performed was young the sky about to rain, which may have been an overstatement Louis Vuitton Belts as the national weather service recorded 1.89 inches of rainfall for the day.The bad weather took its toll on one fan. A 22yearold man from michigan was electrocuted by a bolt of lightning, which hit a puddle of water in which he was walking. Security was in force for the concert.Nearly three dozen state troopers, including some in plainclothes, patrolled the grounds.It was a journey through the mud, which covered sneakers, boots and other clothing and reached the calves of many in the crowd.Nearly 40 years later, that day may finally have a happy ending. After years of discussion, csny is looking to release a threecd, onedvd box set of the tour in early 2013.At last, no rain gear will be needed to enjoy the show. Were you there?What do you remember? 3.Pete fernandez said.On mar 11, 2013 at 10:34AM I was there with dudes i hung around with, my first concert, i was just 17.Hitchhiked, picked up by friend, we lived 10 miles away.Best seats in the house.We climbed up and sat on the doorway box.Its a set of of doors you go into before main doors to help keep air condition in.We could see everything.The sound was great up there and the rain set the mood.It was awesome.One thing that was funny was to hear friend yell"All man"Because the pocket size water pipe fell off and broke.Joe santo said.On mar 12, 2013 at 03:01PM Was there also with 8 friends from the penns grove carneys point area west of ac.A friend and myself scaled the cyclone fence they had erected at the end of asphalt before the dirt which was the race track.It was wanna of the best concerts ever, it rained thru all of santana and halfway thru csny, cleared up and the air was crisp and the acoustics were awesome.It was muddy on the dirt track, but we had huge plastic bags that the others were passing out.Stayed the whole concert right there in front of the stage, got blasted, plenty of pot to go around also.I can remember when it was over when we left people were driving their cars thru the huge hedges that landscaped the track it was something to see then.This is one evening i will never forget.Jerry smith said.On apr 12, 2013 at 07:49PM Was there that day.I had just graduated from army boot camp at fort dix a couple pf days before.Santana was incredible, playing though light rain.The heavy stuff started Louis Vuitton Bagshttp://www.on-now.com/ coming down between acts, and we didn't think csny would even play, because of the lightning close by.We stayed on the track, in the mud.Someone had a large roll or sheets of plastic, that moved about over our heads as people pulled on it from every direction to get some cover from the downpour.We all chanted the rain chant from woodstock.Being just 17 years old and just out of army boot camp, i, of course, was indestructible.It was a great concert.Completely unforgetable. Of course we all knew that nixon had resigned that day, so four dead in ohio was particularly memorable.Although they're without sometime band mate neil young, the trio is armed with a new doublecd by a couple of its members(Crosbynash)And a presidential campaign in full swing.That's right, as announced recently, david crosby and graham nash are jointly running for president of the united states. When asked who their vice president candidate would be at a press conference last month, nash replied,"We'll have two presidents, and between us we have vice covered. " RecordingAndtouring togetherAndwith solo projects for the past 35 years, csn(And sometimes y)Are responsible for a plethora of music over the years.The trio's self titled 1969 debut, which included the songs"Long time gone," "Marrakesh express"And"Suite:Judy blue eyes,"Andthe following year's D Vu, with the classics "Our house," "Almost cut Louis Vuitton Salehttp://www.on-now.com/ my hair"And.